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Flu Shots

How CHA patients can get a flu shot

Flu Shots now available

Even though many people are worried about COVID, don't forget about the flu.

Getting a flu shot can protect you, your friends and your family from getting sick. Flu shots also help protect people at high risk for serious flu-related illness (those with chronic disease, older adults, pregnant women and young children).

Who can get a flu shot at CHA?

Everybody 6 months and older can get a flu shot at CHA. There are special flu shots for children and people over 65. 

Where can I get a flu shot?

  • At your CHA primary care center. Call to get an appointment, or set up a visit in MyCHArt.

  • At a CHA Teen Health center. For children and young adults age 12-22. Please call for an appointment.

In the Community

If you can't make it to CHA, there are many other locations where flu shots are available:

  • Your local pharmacy. Many pharmacies are offering flu shots. However, you may need an appointment and there may be age limits.

  • City of Cambridge: The city has flu clinics throughout the flu season.

  • In other local cities: Please check with your local public health department for flu clinic dates and times. 
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