COVID-19 Treatment Clinic

at CHA Everett Hospital

CHA offers COVID-19 treatments using antiviral medications. 

When used early, these therapies can help treat mild-to-moderate COVID-19 in high-risk patients.

How to Get Connected to Care

There are several ways to access these treatments:

  • Your CHA provider can place a referral for you
  • You can self-refer by calling 781-338-0280
  • A non-CHA provider can make a referral for you by completing our Google form or by downloading and faxing a referral form to 978-367-9946.
Online Referrals (Google form)

Download and fax: Remdesivir (PDF)

Available Treatments

PAXLOVID and Molnupiravir are oral medications (by mouth) that may be given within 5 days of symptom onset.

Remdesivir (VEKLURY) is an intravenous (IV) antiviral medication which requires infusion on 3 consecutive days and must be started within 7 days of symptom onset.

Bebtelovimab and Evusheld (monoclonal antibodies) are no longer available for use in the treatment of COVID. 

Please remember that medications are not a substitute for vaccination. 

Everyone is still encouraged to get a COVID-19 vaccine as soon as they can, whether it is a first, second or booster dose.

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