COVID-19 Info

Mask Alert:  You must still wear a mask at all CHA locations. This is for the safety of our patients and staff. Thank you.

Visitor Policy:  Our visitor policy has changed. Please read our current policy before visiting your friends/family.

COVID Notices:

  • Key COVID Information

    Testing: CHA is no longer offering drive-thru testing. Please visit the state website for a list of other testing locations.

    At-⁠home tests are now available at local retailers and pharmacies. If you have health insurance through an employer or Marketplace, your insurance will pay you back for 8 at-⁠home tests each month for each person on your plan. Learn more

    Treatments: The latest COVID-19 treatments are available at our COVID Treatment Clinic.

    Vaccines: Please visit our COVID vaccine page for current information.

    Visiting Patients: Please see our current visitor standards for details.

  • If You are Exposed to COVID

    On August 11, 2022 the CDC updated its COVID-19 guidelines, with new recommendations on quarantine (staying away from others if you have been in close contact with someone with COVID) and isolation (staying away from others when you test positive for COVID). The recommendations for quarantine and isolation no longer differ by vaccination status.

    Please click here for current CDC guidelines of what to do if you were a close contact of someone who tested positive for COVID.

  • Local Community Resources

    CHA has a website called CHA Connect where you can search for local social services.

    You can use CHA Connect to find things like housing assistance, food support and much more.

  • DPH Reopening Attestations

    As required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, CHA attests to continuing to meet specific requirements to reopen or expand services.

    Phase 1 Reopening Attestation

    Phase 2 Reopening Attestation

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