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While your health is our top priority, many CHA clinics currently have staffing shortages because of COVID-19. This may cause delays in answering phones and responding to your messages. Thank you for your patience.

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Search programs to help with food, jobs, housing and much more.

Social and Community Resources

CHA Connect is a free online service that lists community programs in your area - such as food support, housing, job training and more. You can search in multiple languages.

Get Started

Just enter your desired ZIP code and click "Search."

Then, select a service category from the red banner (on top) or type a keyword or program name into the search box.

To see results in a different language, use the “Select Language” arrow. This is below the search box.

Learn more about using CHA Connect to find local programs.

Please note that not all programs are able to respond to referrals through this platform.

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